SALTLOGIC chlorinators for swimming pools. Life is good.

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Saltwater swimming pool
chlorinator manufacturer

Saltwater swimming pool chlorinator manufacturer

Saltwater chlorinators

For Swimming pools

SALTLOGIC Salt Water Chlorinators


Dive & Enjoy

Saltwater swimming pool chlorinator manufacturer

SALTLOGIC Salt Water Chlorinators

Salt Water Chlorinators

SALTLOGIC Saltwater Chlorinators for your Swimming Pool

SALTLOGIC has over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of quality self-cleaning and non-self-cleaning salt water chlorinators for domestic swimming pools and employs world class designers and engineers, both in-house and outsourced, to produce no-frills products without compromise or equal.

SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinators for swimming pools are engineered to do the job simply and effectively and will perform in excess of specifications given.

SALTLOGIC products offer excellent value through the combination of price, performance, simplicity of use and reliability and are continually updated in order to utilize new technologies as they become available. All SALTLOGIC salt chlorinators are manufactured to the highest ISO standards and export models carry the CE mark of approval. Our chlorinators are exported to the following countries within the EU: UK, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus.

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Self-cleaning chlorinators

Self-cleaning Cells


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Saltlogic cell

saltlogic self cleaning cells

 SELF CLEANING Enhanced self-cleaning efficiency of the in-line cell, compared to cells with poor and convoluted flow patterns.

LOW SALT All SALTLOGIC chlorinator models continuously monitor salt levels and have a low salt warning indicator. SL models have additional circuitry that will shut down power to the cell and sound an audible alarm should these levels become detrimental to the electrode coatings.

ON-SITE REPAIR SALTLOGIC salt chlorinators are designed to facilitate on-site service and repair, saving both time and money for the dealer and client alike.

OPERATE AND MAINTAIN SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinators are simple to operate and maintain. No unfamiliar and confusing menus to navigate and designed without microprocessors for rugged and reliable operation.

REPLACEMENT COSTS Competitive salt chlorinator cell replacement costs providing excellent value for customers.

RELIABILITY Advanced power supply design ensures outstanding reliability. SALTLOGIC saltwater chlorinator power supplies are designed to withstand adverse weather and environmental condition.

CABLES Output cables with removable weatherproof plugs for the chlorinator cell connections.

VALUE SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinators offer excellent value through the combination of price, performance, simplicity of use and reliability.

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