Salt chlorinator installation instructions, SALTLOGIC chlorinator
SALTLOGIC chlorinator installation instructions


  • Mount the control box vertically, at least 3m or more from the pool waters edge, preferably out of direct sunlight and out of the direct path of garden sprinklers.
  • The control box must be connected with the pool circulation pump electrical source, so that the cell can only operate when the pool pump is on. This must be undertaken or authorised by a registered electrician.
  • Failure to install the control box as per the aforementioned paragraph may invalidate your warranty.
  • The chlorinator ‘earth’ lead (green/yellow) must be connected to the ‘earth bus’ inside the distribution board, or in accordance with the earthing requirements of the relevant local authorities, if specifically required.
  • Connect the control box output cables to the cell as shown in the accompanying diagram.
SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinator power pack


  • Install the cell as shown in the accompanying diagrams using the pipework to create a ‘gas trap’.
  • If the cell is installed vertically ensure that the gas sensor is in the uppermost position.
  • Install the cell with unions at the cell inlet and outlet as it is a sealed unit.
  • The cell must be installed as the last piece of equipment in the pool return line, i.e. downstream of any receptacles, pool heaters, solar heaters and other equipment.
  • If the cell is installed below the pool water level, isolating valves (PVC ball types) should be fitted at the cell outlet and pump suction line.
SALTLOGIC salt chlorinator replacement cells


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