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  • Salt water chlorination is the healthy alternative to chlorinating your swimming pool; the natural way.
  • Very simply, coarse salt is added to your pool to form a mildly saline solution.
  • The salinity is kept at a pleasantly comfortable level, being typically one fifth or less than that of sea water.
  • The system works by producing chlorine in the unique SALTLOGIC cell in low concentrations whenever the pump and filter is running, and as the filter runs for many hours of the day, the pool's total chlorine demand will still be met, even at these low concentrations.
  • With the SALTLOGIC system, chlorine is produced by electrolysis of the pool water as it flows through the cell and returns to your pool.
  • A distinct advantage of the SALTLOGIC system is that the chlorine produced in the cell has no effect on your pool's pH, total alkalinity or calcium hardness, which is not the case with other chlorination methods, making it easier and less costly for you, the pool owner, to keep your water in balance.
  • By chlorinating your swimming pool this way, many of the problems associated with other chlorination methods, are eliminated.
  • The process is effective, economical, and healthy and only requires minimum maintenance.
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SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinator installation

    SALTLOGIC SALT CHLORINATOR CONTROL BOXSALTLOGIC salt water chlorinator power supply
  • Mount the control box vertically, at least 3m or more from the pool waters edge., preferably out of direct sunlight and out of the direct path of garden sprinklers.
  • Connect the ‘A.C.’ mains cable to the output of the pump timer, or to the pump motor terminals. This must be undertaken or authorised by a registered electrician.
  • Failure to install the control box as per the aforementioned paragraph may invalidate your warranty.
  • The chlorinator 'earth' lead (green/yellow) must be connected to the 'earth bus' inside the distribution board, or in accordance with the earthing requirements of the relevant local authorities, if specifically required.
  • Connect the control box output cables to the cell as shown in the accompanying diagrams.
  • Install the cell as shown in the accompanying diagrams using the pipework to create a 'gas trap'.
  • If the cell is installed vertically ensure that the gas sensor is in the uppermost position.
  • Install the cell with unions at the cell inlet and outlet as it is a sealed unit.
  • The cell must be installed as the last piece of equipment in the pool return line, i.e. downstream of any receptacles, pool heaters, solar heaters and other equipment.
  • If the cell is installed below the pool water level, isolating valves (PVC ball types) should be fitted at the cell outlet and pump suction line.
Top of pageBack to top of page   SALT REQUIREMENTS AND CALCULATIONS
  • High purity salt is recommended.
  • Iodated salt is NOT suitable.
  • Remember: higher salt concentrations = longer cell life and higher chlorine output.
  • Lower salt concentrations = reduced cell life and poor chlorine output.
  • The "check salt" light will come on at a salt concentration of approximately 0,4%. Always keep your salt levels above 0,5% for best performance.
  • Adding salt may be needed from time to time to maintain an optimum salt level.
  • Use a salt test strip or have your salt level tested at your nearest pool shop to determine the salt level in the pool water prior to adding any salt.
  • Use the table below to calculate the quantity of salt required to adjust the pool salt concentration.

Current Salt Concentration, % Pool Volume, litres
Pool Volume = Length x Average Depth (usually 1.2-1.4 meters)
0.350100 150200250300
0.500 0000

KG of salt needed to raise salt concentration to 0.5%.

  • When adding salt, place the unopened bags on the stair area of your swimming pool, with some black refuse bags underneath them to prevent staining.
  • Check salt levels once a month, more frequently in rainy weather, and adjust accordingly.
  • The control box is receiving power.
  • The cell is receiving power.
  • Salt levels are below 0,4%. Have the salt level tested and adjust to 0.5% to ensure adequate levels of chlorine are produced and to avoid foreshortening the life of your cell.
  • This light will come on under certain conditions and indicates excessively high resistance at the cell. When this light is illuminated the chlorinator has shut-down power to the cell and an audible alarm is sounded. Turn the chlorine output dial to MIN to cancel the alarm and perform the following checks in sequence to find the cause of the fault:
    1. Check that the cable connections to the cell are tight and that the cables are not damaged.
    2. Check the cell for calcium scale formation and clean if necessary.
    3. Have the salt level tested and if low add the required amount of salt to bring the level up to approximately 0,5%. If the cell is still serviceable normal chlorinator operation should ensue. Don’t forget to reset the chlorine output dial! If on start-up the low salt light comes on and 30 seconds thereafter shutdown again ensues, the cell requires replacing.
  • There is no flow, or insufficient water flow for normal cell operation. The power supply will shut down in this event and will only resume normal operation once adequate flow is restored. This light may come on during backwashing, closed valves on either the pump suction or outlet, blockage or restriction within the automatic pool cleaner or skimmer basket, or due to any other possible causes of low or no flow conditions.
  • Begin with your chlorine output set on 50%. Check your chlorine residual levels periodically to ensure your pool is being adequately sanitised. Chlorine levels should be kept in the 1 - 3 ppm range. Adjust the output select dial up or down accordingly.

Top of pageBack to top of page   SUGGESTED FILTRATION RUN CYCLES
  • SALTLOGIC recommends operating your chlorinator for two cycles per day (an early morning and late afternoon cycle). These cycles are especially necessary if the swimming pool is not stabilised. Depending on the season, bather load and sunlight exposure, each cycle could vary from 3 - 6 hours, i.e., a total of 6 - 12 hours per day.
  • If it is necessary to operate the SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinator only during the daytime, then the addition of stabiliser is recommended.
  • In winter, a single daily cycle of 3 - 5 hours should suffice.
  • Note: In extremely hot climates, or during periods of unusually hot weather, it may be necessary to super-chlorinate your swimming pool once every 2 - 4 weeks. Contact your local pool dealer for further information.
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The cell incorporates a moulded-in strainer at the inlet to prevent any debris that may enter the cell, from fouling the electrodes. Although the chlorinator undergoes periodic polarity reversal in order to keep the electrodes free from scale, scale build-up may occur if calcium hardness exceeds 450ppm. Excessive calcium hardness levels may occur in areas of high water hardness or may be due to incorrect water balance.
The cell is moulded from clear plastic to facilitate visual inspection. Inspect the cell periodically and clean when necessary.


• Turn off mains power to the chlorinator, and turn the multiport valve to the “closed” position.


• Unscrew the two unions and remove the cell assembly. It should not be necessary to disconnect the cables.
• Carefully remove any debris (if any) from the strainer by hand, or by flushing with a hosepipe. If a hosepipe is used, and the cables have been disconnected from the cell, take time to seal off the cable connections so that they do not become contaminated with water.
• It is recommended that protective rubber gloves are worn when mixing or decanting pool acid.
• Make up a cleaning solution of 10 (ten) parts water to 1 (one) part pool acid (HCl) in a suitable plastic container or jug of sufficient volume to completely fill the cell. Always add the acid to the water and never the other way around.
• Screw the threaded blanking cap provided into one end of the cell housing and stand the cell up vertically.
• Pour the cleaning solution into the cell housing until the electrodes are completely submerged and allow to stand for a while.
• When the electrodes are clean, (approx. 5 - 15 minutes) discard the cleaning solution in compliance with any regulatory body regulations that may govern the disposal of waste products and rinse the electrodes with fresh water.


• Make sure all contact surfaces are clean and then replace the cell in the pool return line.
• Refit the cell power cables if they have been disconnected for any reason.
• If the chlorine output has been set to the ‘OFF’ position, reset to the position prior to cleaning.
• Turn the multiport valve back to the “filter” position.

Top of pageBack to top of page   WATER CHEMISTRY
The industry standards for swimming pool water are as follows:

Free chlorine ppm1,0-3,01,0-3,0
pH 7,2-7,87,0-7,6
Total alkalinity ppm80-120 110-150
Calcium hardness ppm 150-300 90-180
Stabilizer ppm 40-60 40-60
Salt concentration % 0,5-0,7 0,5-0,7

Regularly check and maintain the chemistry of your swimming pool in accordance with these standards to ensure your SALTLOGIC chlorinator works at maximum efficiency.
Top of pageBack to top of page   REGULAR POOL MAINTENANCE CHECKS
  • Visually check the cell electrodes. Only if necessary, remove the cell and flush with a garden hose to remove any debris that may have passed through the filter and lodged in the cell housing. Avoid inserting objects into the cell which can scratch or bend the cell plates.
  • Check the free chlorine level.
  • Check the total alkalinity. Adjust if necessary.
  • Check the pH of the water. Adjust if necessary.
  • Check the pressure gauge on the filter to see if backwashing is necessary.
  • Check the salt concentration of the pool. Adjust if necessary.
  • Check the chlorine stabilizer level. Adjust if necessary.
  • Thoroughly clean the weir basket, pump strainer basket, cartridge filter, skim filter and sand filter (whichever is applicable).
Top of pageBack to top of page   WARRANTY
  • SALTLOGIC products are manufactured to the highest ISO standards.
  • SALTLOGIC-SA warrants that SALTLOGIC power supplies are free from any defects in materials and workmanship only, for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.
  • SALTLOGIC-SA offers a 12 month warranty on the cell.
  • Conditions apply.
  • This warranty shall not apply to defects caused by abnormal usage of, or incorrect application of, or by neglect on the part of any person other than SALTLOGIC-SA.
  • This warranty shall lapse if any repairs are attempted or effected by any person not authorized thereto by SALTLOGIC-SA.
  • Consequential damages or costs however so arising are expressly excluded.
  • The SALTLOGIC Limited Warranty applies to the original owner only.


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