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SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinator installation

    SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinator power supply
  • Mount the control box vertically, at least 3m or more from the pool waters edge., preferably out of direct sunlight and out of the direct path of garden sprinklers.
  • Connect the ‘A.C.’ mains cable to the output of the pump timer, or to the pump motor terminals. This must be undertaken or authorised by a registered electrician.
  • Failure to install the control box as per the aforementioned paragraph may invalidate your warranty.
  • The chlorinator 'earth' lead (green/yellow) must be connected to the 'earth bus' inside the distribution board, or in accordance with the earthing requirements of the relevant local authorities, if specifically required.
  • Connect the control box output cables to the cell as shown in the accompanying diagrams.
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    SALTLOGIC salt chlorinator new cell
  • Install the cell as shown in the accompanying diagrams using the pipework to create a 'gas trap'.
  • If the cell is installed vertically ensure that the gas sensor is in the uppermost position.
  • Install the cell with unions at the cell inlet and outlet as it is a sealed unit.
  • The cell must be installed as the last piece of equipment in the pool return line, i.e. downstream of any receptacles, pool heaters, solar heaters and other equipment.
  • If the cell is installed below the pool water level, isolating valves (PVC ball types) should be fitted at the cell outlet and pump suction line.


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