Benefits of salt water chlorinators for swimming pools SALTLOGIC

SALTLOGIC Power Pack Benefits

  • Power Supply peak efficiency better than 90%, resulting in reduced electricity costs and longer equipment life
  • Single electronic card common to all SL models ensures quick and easy servicing
  • All aluminium enclosure for light weight and corrosion resistance
  • Easy and quick to fit, saving time and money
  • Short circuit and overload protected – cannot be damaged by overdosing with salt
  • Automatic salt concentration and cell function monitoring to maximize cell life
  • Fixed current-variable time controlled output, allows chlorine output to be accurately adjusted
  • Soft-start operation to protect electrode coating at switch-on
  • Advanced reversal circuitry which:
    • Remembers its ‘run’ status even without power
    • Affords maximum electrode protection during the reversal sequence
    • Is adjustable to suit local water conditions

SALTLOGIC Cell Benefits

  • EASE OF INSTALLATION Can be installed vertically or horizontally space saving, particularly in retrofit applications.
  • EASILY REMOVED Installed on unions for easy removal and replacement
  • SIMPLIFIED CELL CONSTRUCTION Requires just two plastic parts and rectangular blades to complete = reduced costs.
  • CELL LIFE 9,000 hour expected cell life if operated with pool industry standard water chemistry
  • ALMOST ZERO MAINTENANCE Inspect cell quarterly.
  • CLEAR HOUSING Allows easy monitoring of electrodes
  • ROBUST CELL DESIGN High mechanical strength, withstands in excess of 8 bar under test

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