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  SALTLOGIC saltwater chlorinators for swimming pools

SALTLOGIC salt water pool chlorinators

Unbelievable water quality.

With SALTLOGIC technology you're assured of the most inviting pool in the neighbourhood. Fitting a SALTLOGIC chlorinator will give you water quality you never though imaginable.

No more red eyes, dry itchy skin or damaged hair and best of all, kids love it! Fitting a SALTLOGIC system means crystal clear water and a sparkling, natural looking swimming pool all the time.

Drastically reduce pool maintenance.

Now you can eliminate the need to purchase, store and manually dose with granular or liquid chlorine for ever. SALTLOGIC technology automatically generates the right level of chlorine necessary to keep your pool free from algae and bacteria. Enjoy the pleasure of having a pool without the need for daily care.

Superior design.

With more than 18 years experience in leading edge design and technology for salt water chlorinator systems, SALTLOGIC is proud to present its most advanced models yet. Employing groundbreaking self-cleaning technology the SL range of self-cleaning chlorinators present a salt water chlorinator that exceeds pool owners expectations in terms of performance, reliability and cost.

Simply the best self-cleaning chlorinator available!



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